Coen Brothers talk about Overweight Sensation 
on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, 12/17/2013

Sherman's My Fair Lady parody, "I've Got the Customers To Face"

"Frank Cooper" is Sherman's parody of "Maria" from West Side Story 

Sherman's lost Camelot parody, "Ollawood"

Sherman's lost "Just the Times" about the 1963 
New York City newspaper strike

Allan Sherman's "The Ballad of Harry Lewis"

Allan Sherman parody of "Summertime"

Allan Sherman's "Harvey and Sheila"

Allan Sherman explains the meaning of "Hello Muddah"

Interview on 5/29/13 with Elli at

Allan Sherman's Jewish parody of "You're The Top"

"When You Walk Through The Bronx"
(parody of song from Carousel)

"Small World"
(parody of song from Gypsy)

"Seventy-Six Sol Cohens"
(parody of "76 Trombones")

"There Is Nothing Like A Lox"
(parody of "There Is Nothing Like A Dame")

Allan Sherman singing "Overweight People" 
(parody of "Over The Rainbow")

Allan Sherman, age 5 (courtesy of Syril Gilbert)

In Ohio, briefly, during high school, 1940.

Allan and Dee wedding photo, 1945 (courtesy of Syril Gilbert)

Sherman with the cast of I've Got A Secret, where he was the producer from 1951-58

Sherman, Dee, Robert, and Nancy in Los Angeles, 1963 (courtesy of Robert Sherman)

Washington takes a break from the Cuban Missile Crisis -- enjoys Allan Sherman.

The Law of Supply and Demand, Sherman style.

The reality of the Sherman phenomenon sinks in and it blows minds.

Letter from the Kennedy White House.

With President Kennedy,  Labor Dept. 50th anniversary dinner, March 4, 1963
(courtesy of Robert Sherman)

Recording session, 1962-63 (courtesy of Robert Sherman)

With Tony Randall on the Hollywood Palace television show, March 27, 1965.  Sherman sings "Crazy Downtown" and "One Hippopotami."

Guest hosting the Tonight show, week of August 5, 1963.

Singing "Skin," a parody of "You Gotta Have Heart," from Damn Yankees

"Hail to Thee, Fat Person"

A performance of Sherman's "All of My Laughter," from his 1969 musical, The Fig Leaves Are Falling.  As much as anything he wrote, it was his anthem and expresses his unrestrained approach to life.

This clip from the TV show Fame features Sherman's composer partner on Fig Leaves, Albert Hague, singing Sherman's "Did I Ever Really Live." (From Italian television. The lyrics are in English. The dialogue is dubbed, but it's the best quality clip available.)


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