Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Happy Reader Roundup

Getting lots of nice reader comments lately, which I naturally love. Keep 'em coming and please post comments on the book's Amazon page.

Thanks! And here are the comments. 

"I'm in the middle of the book and I love it." John K. post on Facebook

"Finished it Saturday. So sad. Enjoyed it. Big Sherman fan." Peter on Twitter.

"Good afternoon Mr. Cohen -- I just completed your book and enjoyed it very much; I have recommended it to several friends. Congratulations on your work." Email from Robin S.

"I went to YouTube because I'm loving your book." Ardie G. comment on my YouTube channel.


  1. Whelp, it all started when I was looking up transistor radios tonight, and then clicked on the 12 days of Christmas, and here I am. Have had a great time listening the Allan Sherman's songs and hope I can get your book at the library (I'll put in a request) I know I'll love it, though I am not Jewish. Dad spoke a lot of Yiddish he learned from the ladies in the neighborhood in southside Chicago. He would tell us to get to bed or he would spank us, in Yiddish. I have been using that as my touchstone expression, and say it just as severely, and the room silences, and the kids (or whoever) know I spoken for the last time. Here is a great book I am reading you will enjoy, the only book by Simone Signoret, yes the French actress. It is fantastic, about Jewish immigrants to Paris, and becoming French. I am almost finished and I am going to miss it. Title: Adieu, Volodya, 1986, trans from the French. Try it, you'll like it.

  2. nice post but i did not understand what is he doing in the poster,

  3. Whelp, everthing began after i was looking up transistor radios tonite, then clicked on for the 12 nights of The holiday season, as well as below We are. Also have a lot of fun jamming the particular Allan Sherman's melodies as well as wish I will get the e-book for the selection (I'll put in any request) I know I'll think it�s great, even though We are not necessarily Jewish. Pops talked a great deal of Yiddish this individual mastered on the ladies within the area with southside Chicago, il. Although signify to get at sleep as well as although spank you, with Yiddish. I've been employing that will since my personal touchstone term, as well as claim this as seriously, plus the place silences, plus the youngsters (or whoever) know My spouse and i voiced going back time period. Here's a excellent e-book We are reading you'll take pleasure in, the one e-book through Simone Signoret, yes the particular French presenter. It can be great, in relation to Jewish immigrants in order to Paris, as well as turning out to be French. We are nearly done as
    Worldfree4u well as I am going to neglect this. Identify: Adieu, Volodya, 1986, trans on the French. Do it, you are going to as it.

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