Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LA Times On Sherman Bio

Read all about it here.


  1. We are goyim. Nonetheless, we grew up laughing to Allan Sherman's records. The suburbs of Providence, RI in the early '60s may seem to some to be a cultural backwater, but listening to 'Trane, Miles, Monk, Lenny, and Allan my friends and I knew better. Much later, one of my sisters married an Irish-Italian goy...er, guy from East Boston who happened to have some of Allan's LPs in his collection. Their son (whom my sister refers to as "YOUR NEPHEW" whenever the kid gets a speeding ticket and then fumes about the "stupid law" referring to the ambient speed limit) is a bright if somewhat unconventional sort. During his coming of age years, he found his dad's Allan Sherman records and listened, and listened, and listened...to the point where his parents were getting worried. Not sure if it really helped them when I told them that I had once done the same thing! That young man is now a solid citizen at age 25, and it wouldn't surprise us in the least if he passes his dad's old 33 1/3 vinyls down to his own kids someday (assuming a functioning phonograph--ah, that wonderful
    word--can be found on which to play them!) All of which goes to show that talent is timeless, and knows no boundaries...generational, cultural, or otherwise. RIP, Allan, and may your humor continue to enrich the lives of many generations to come, regardless of cultural/religious/ethnic persuasion. Looking forward, Mr. Cohen, to reading your book!
    Oh, and by the way, Vaughn Meader, Allan Sherman, and many lesser lights got a bum deal when collateral damage from the tsunami of post-Kennedy assassination malaise rendered their brand of humor unfashionable, if not outright leprous. We need their comedic skills now, more that at any time since the Sputnik/Cold War/apocalyptic 1960-70s. Imagine how they could lampoon the current Imperial Presidency and Regal Congress, given the cast of characters encamped at present on the Potomac! Maybe some young iconoclast who grew up listening to Allan Sherman records will step up to the plate and hit a home run as Allan did! One can hope...
    P.H. White, M.D. (aka the Texas sax doc)

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